Doctor Marketing

Fill Your Waiting Room With New Patients

Build Credibility Online


Prospective patients are using the internet to find you. Use our digital expertise to create the first impression you’ve always wanted.

Attract New Leads


Scale your business by being more discoverable. Use our structured patient acquisition approach to help new patients find your medical practice online.

Diligent Online Marketing Tailored For Doctors


Patients see you long before you see them. We help you build your introduction and reputation to ensure that patients feel confident about you long before they step into your clinic door. We also understand the integrity of your practice and help you build your business digitally ensuring total compliance to medical norms.

Functional Websites


Your website is your most integral digital footprint. Make it worth a visit. We develop responsive websites centred around the patient’s experience so they find what they seek in the least number of clicks, across devices. With a strong focus on functional design, websites launch quicker & practitioners don’t pay for features that patients aren’t using.

Drive Relevant Traffic


We use a cost-conscious, integrated channel marketing approach to drive qualified traffic to your website. Meet your potential customers where they hang out the most. The average Indian user spends about 42 minutes a day on Facebook. Social media platforms are an immensely powerful way to target your audience and find new leads. We leverage them by running contextual campaigns across these networks using a synergistic approach of A/B testing to optimise resources, get maximum traction at minimum costs to boost ROIs. Learn more about Social Media Advertising. Where there is a need, there is a Google search. The most powerful “pull” based approach to generate more leads for your medical business, Paid Search (PPC) is the most powerful way to reach people who’s intent is already established.Honestly, it is where you really begin to see just how powerful digital marketing really is. We run, optimise & manage campaigns for paid search for you so you can focus on what you do best – impact lives. Our goal is to generate more leads online , by continually increasing clicks and decreasing cost-per-click rates over time to boost ROIs. See our Paid Search Advertising services.

Scale Your Growth

Scaling a business is what makes it truly big, and we get that. This is why our focus is not just to setup your marketing funnel, but also continually grow it laterally to see more traction and relevant target groups. We do this using a methodical approach that involves:

Display Advertising:
Display ads for medical practitioners and healthcare businesses are part of the Google AdWords suite, but, rather than appearing at top of the search results, display ads show up on other websites that are contextual to your target audience’s browsing preferences. We purchase online visual media space, create & disseminate aesthetically compelling communication and manage the cost of serving it to your prospective patients. We ensure your ads are placed on websites that are most relevant to your specialty, geography, patient demography and your practice’s services.

Strategic Partnerships:
Your practice is set. Your growth is linear. Lets now take it a notch up. We help you build a credible profile among doctor discoverability platforms, get more visibility across online channels that really matter and swell up advertising reach by foraying into newer, niche networks.

Reputation Management


As consumeristic users, your patients google everything, including a healthcare professionals/practices, so maintaining a positive online reputation is absolutely critical. We monitor online reviews across dozens of channels to help you build credibility in the eyes of your prospective customer. Whether it is Facebook, Google reviews, discussion forums, Practo, Lybrate, DocPlus etc. we work on your behalf to manage your noble reputation while you work towards providing the best patient care.

Engage With Email & Whatsapp


Just like any other relationship, communication is key here as well. Fortify your relationship with your patient by leveraging dialogue touch points effectively. We work with you to create and engage a strong knit community on WhatsApp and email. We do this by sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Through lead persona mapping, list segmentation and delivery automation, we ensure that every message is driven home, right how it is supposed to be.

Advanced Reporting & Business Intelligence


‘Measure to get better’ is something we swear by. Tracking progress is essential to creating a success story, which is why we work with you to create dashboards and reporting templates that are customised to your practice.

Compliant Marketing


Last, but definitely not the least – all our marketing strategies are compliant with the healthcare marketing standards laid down by the Medical Council Of India as well as the Google’s & Facebook’s of the world. Your practice stays noble, it only keeps getting bigger.