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Case Studies

Madhavbaug’s Business Model Transformation With Orange Health Digital Redefining Its Digital Strategy

Challenges excite us & working with Madhavbaug gave us a chance to overhaul & devise a digital marketing strategy for one of India’s largest networks of heart clinics & hospitals.



Madhavbaug is known for its chain of over 300 non-invasive cardiac care clinics & 2 hospitals that offer world-class care to patients across India. The brand takes a scientific & research-based approach to integrate Ayurveda & modern medical science.
Orange Health Digital has been instrumental in the development of Madhavbaug’s digital strategy & presence, leveraging all of the brand’s digital assets to build name recognition, awareness, & trust.



Increase brand visibility & digital footprint to raise public awareness about Madhavbaug’s offerings, while cultivating a loyal following & relationship with audiences. Our aim was to use digital channels to establish Madhavbaug as a trusted resource for health information or guidance & to convert large segments of the audience into customers.



  • Madhavbaug was heavily focused on leveraging regional print and television advertising which wasn’t providing scalable volumes.
  • The brand needed to consolidate its marketing efforts by creating a unified communication approach that followed a singular tone of voice.
  • A unified communication approach to effectively inform wider audiences about Madhavbaug’s unique product offerings in cardiac care using a multi-channel digital approach.
  • Streamline the complete digital funnel for sales & communication from a high-conversion website up to last-mile call centers with communication in English, Hindi & regional languages.
  • Create & execute customer acquisition & awareness across all digital channels including social media, content distribution networks, Google AdWords, media buying, SMS, etc.
  • Segment customers based on needs & disease lifecycle to better integrate marketing channels for higher conversions & a unified patient experience.
  • Analyze the entire customer lifecycle to create communication touch points that can improve patient education & thereby conversions.



  • Increased brand visibility with over 71 million Ad impressions in a span of 11 months.
  • Improved cost efficiency with a 60% reduction in overall CACs.
  • 65% of marketing spend is allocated to digital in the current year as opposed to under 15% in the previous year.
  • In just 15 months, digital emerged as a standalone business channel generating multi-fold revenues compared to marketing spends.

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