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Medical Value Tourism: Jaslok Hospital Acquires 200+ International Patients For IPD Procedures

India ranks 10th in Medical Tourism Index (MTI) & we share in the Indian Government’s vision of building India’s reputation as a medical tourist destination. Jaslok Hospital was a natural partner for Orange Health Digital, with its world-class facilities, renowned specialists & infrastructure for international patients.

Jaslok Hospital

Since its foundation back in 1973, Jaslok Hospital has been providing compassionate care to patients & has built a reputation for medical excellence. Over 50 years, it has emerged as one of Mumbai’s premier hospitals on par with international healthcare facilities.
At Orange Health Digital, we are excited to be a part of India’s growth as a medical tourism destination, making this collaboration especially rewarding. This gave us the opportunity to create a digital strategy targeting overseas patients to establish Jaslok Hospital’s position as a hospital for international patients.


Generate interest & awareness among patients in Europe & the Middle East about Jaslok Hospital as not just a viable option, but a desirable one on account of its facilities, patient care & lots more.



  • Leverage Jaslok Hospital to further & share in the growth of India’s International medical tourism market, which rose from 1.83 lakhs in 2020 to 3.04 lakhs in 2021.
  • Setup medical tourism practice for Jaslok Hospital by positioning the hospital as a comprehensive care facility in regions such as Oman, Dubai, Tanzania etc. 
  • Promote high-ticket, specialized surgeries such as Deep Brain Surgery, robotic surgery & complex spine surgery via a holistic, multi-channel approach.
  • We ran ads on search and programmatic networks promoting key surgeries and star doctors from Jaslok Hospital that have established search volumes. 
  • We also created unique Landing Pages for different surgery offerings that highlighted Jaslok Hospital’s competency and experience in that respective surgery. 
  • Paid ads were run to drive traffic to these landing pages and the traffic was subsequently funneled through lead forms and WhatsApp widgets. 
  • A dedicated calling team helped convert leads to customers by providing them with all the logistics support wrt via, accommodation etc. 
  • Social media was utilized to run geo-specific campaigns highlighting the cost-benefit of Medical Value Tourism as well as Jaslok Hospital’s core competencies. 
  • Search engine optimization was used to rank for keywords around Parkinson’s (for promoting Deep Brain Stimulation surgery) as well as other transaction keywords. 
  • We generated patient awareness content to build an association between the brand & health resources, also increasing trust, credibility & recall value. These content pieces were shared organically on social media to promote thought leadership for the hospital.
  • We created a strong remarketing funnel to touch base with interested patients & caregivers via social and search networks.



  • Channeled more than 200 patients for surgery at Jaslok from across Europe & the Middle East, especially from UAE.
  • Strategic marketing generated 55% ROAS on surgery leads.
  • Cost-effective lead generation with a 23% reduction In surgery-specific CPL over a span of 4 months.
  • We achieved 1st and 2nd page ranking for over 345 keywords within 6 months. Out Of these 345 core keywords, 8% of the keywords were ranking in the top 3 positions of Google. 
  • Our landing pages contributed to 32% of the overall website traffic. 
  • Our LPs also contributed to a 14% increase in click-through rates on contact and enquiry pages.

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