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Roche Diagnostics India Wins The Prestigious Velocity Award For Their Cervical Cancer Digital Campaign

Creating campaigns we feel passionate about helps us excel at them, forging an authentic connection with audiences. The awards are incidental.


Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics has been at the forefront of diagnostic innovations globally, & is recognized as the leader in in-vitro diagnostics. Roche Diagnostics aims to expand its regional presence & be a part of future-proofing India’s healthcare.
Orange Health Digital has played a pivotal role in developing Roche Diagnostics’ digital strategy & presence in recent years, capitalizing on the brand’s international reputation & contribution to the Indian diagnostic sector.



Raise public awareness about the impact of cervical cancer in India, which has 25% of the global disease burden & encourage timely screening to lower the cervical cancer burden. Our aim was to personalize campaign messaging for a stronger emotional connection & to drive greater engagement, ultimately building brand reputation & visibility.



  • Create a 360 degrees digital campaign promoting active involvement in the fight against cervical cancer as individuals, emphasizing the power to #BeYourOwnSHERO. 
  • The focus of this campaign was to maximize user participation in the form of User Generated Content across social platforms. 
  • We leveraged Facebook & LinkedIn to reach out to women employees & family members, offering free screening, all of which could, in turn, lend virality to the campaign through numerous shares.
  • The campaign was supported by animated videos, GIFs and education-led content to create a consistent messaging flow to break the stigma & explain the process of screening & its diagnostic value, as well as the role of vaccination. These messages were disseminated across social media throughout the campaign tenure.
  • Key Opinion Leaders were brought on board to conduct webinars and Q&A sessions with the users to help demystify the concepts of screening and timely diagnostics for cervical cancer. 


  • #BeYourOwnSHERO social media posts earned 3,00,000 Impressions & generated over 4,000 engagements on social media.
  • 343 people attended the #BeYourOwnSHERO Panel discussion LIVE on International Women’s Day.
  • We saw a whopping 86% employee participation rate (employees registered & participated in cervical cancer screening).
  • Roche Diagnostics won a Velocity award for Best Integrated Campaign Award for this campaign.
  • Share of organic engagement increased from 39% to 70% within 6 weeks of the campaign going live.
  • The #BeYourOwnSHERO is being used as a blueprint for others including Karkinos Healthcare & Tata Consultancy Services.
  • The campaign generated interest in wider audiences, also featuring in leading print publications such as the Indian Express & Business World.

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