Strategic Healthcare Marketing


Compelling Communication Solutions To Maximize Patient Engagement
at Every Touch Point Of The Customer Lifecycle

Our Approach

Stage 1

Patient Journey Roadmap

We work closely with you to create a patient journey roadmap and identify every single communication touch point along the way

Stage 2

Lead Framework

We create new lead nurturing touch points within the patient journey using quantitative market research and consumer insights.

Stage 3

Optimizing Communication

Optimized communication touch points to catalyze lead engagement and drive better sales conversion!

Stage 4

Digital Hygiene

We first optimize all the existing patient engagement touch points through creative storytelling for your brand via explainer PDFs,

What’s In Store For Your Healthcare Brand

Healthcare Creative Communication

Informed patients are 63% more likely to convert than others who are just being pursued by your sales/call centre teams.


Patient knowledge is at the heart of our lead nurturing strategy. We work with your brand to identify and optimize communication touch points to build patient engagement through effective knowledge sharing so that your brand stands out among the noise

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizing Sales Funnel and User Journeys.


By using a data-driven approach, we find where people are getting lost in your sales funnel and develop solutions that will improve the user’s experience while boosting campaign performance to ensure a steady month-on-month growth. Our optimization protocols and testing tools allows us to test various campaign elements (online & offline), so we can definitively choose an option that converts the highest number of leads. With CRO, nothing is left to chance.

Integrated Healthcare Marketing Strategy

We synergize online and offline efforts into one stream of reach.


We adopt a multi-channel approach to healthcare marketing – to approach people where they are, using the channel they prefer, to interact with you. We work with you using an integrated approach to building a marketing plan that comprises of online and offline touch points. We leverage a marketing channel not only to drive “last-click-conversions”, but to also catalyze sales by being an “assisted-conversion” asset.

Strategic Partnerships

Create environment and opportunities for synergy and collaborations


Business grow when key stakeholders collaborate. We believe in this mantra and work with you to build strategic alliances with patient management platforms, doctor-discovery portals, diagnostics aggregators, health-at-home players etc.